Ramp access to town side platform (Platform 2) next to car park, but booking assistance is advised.

Access to Platform 1 involves a step bridge or assistance across the line.

Disabled toilets are available on Platform 2.

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Dawlish is a busy station, you need to book assisited travel both ways,the town side station has a ramp access, the ticket machine is not always working, and the Ticket office,is not always avaialable,on my day it was not and the ticket machine didnt work,so the guard said i could purchase on train,which had 4 carriages which were full,if you going the oppiste way there are challanges,again need to book assist as you have to taken across line,as there is over 100 steps to go across to the sea side,no toilets on that side either, the disabled toilets are fairly good,the other toilets are very narrow but they are clean,waiting rooms on town side are ok none on the sea side,very open but lovely views.also booking office is at the bottom of 20 stairs but you can come up the side to platform where the car park and slope is situated.down by ticket office there is a cafe to get takeaway food etc,taxi rank as you come out of station local bus service near by as well.

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