Birmingham New Street

New Street is Birmingham\'s main station offering services to England, Scotland and Wales. The station is staffed 24 hours a day and has 12 platforms split into A and B parts.


Platforms are below ground level and need to be accessed by lifts located at the \'a\' end of each. Otherwise there are steps and escalators for non-wheelchair users.


Disabled toilets are located on the right of the City Centre Entrance concourse and along the concourse for platforms next to the steps for 6b and 7b.

Non-rail Connections

Accessible taxies are available.
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01/11/2014 12:13
I recently visited this station, as my journey required one change from Birmingham International. I wasn\'t there long enough to provide enough information about my experiences, although it was very busy, but I was able to get passenger assistance for my connecting train. All staff seemed to be courteous and helpful. I recommend that travellers make sure that they are put on the right side of a train that is connected together, as some trains run two services that separates halfway through a journey. I was put on the wrong side and had to make a further change after around 30 minutes, although I got a free upgrade to First Class, as the standard coach I was told was full of luggage.
06/07/2015 18:15
a daunting busy station,but i had booked rail assist,as i was heading for Nottingham,i was met at the doors of train escorted up to next train it was delayed i was found a seat in the waiting area which has lots of faciltys if i needed them another rail worker came and found me to take to platform when i got there i found a great lack of seating only 1 seat i know it was only 5 mins wait but hard when you are on arm crutches,i was put in to my seat first class another person was in my seat but there was a empty one opposite so not a problem,the drinks trolley man was a bit vague when i asked for a drink was going to charge me until i told him i was first class even though the carriage was marked first class!!so more training there.being in mind i had just traveled 3hrs,it was the same on my return journey from Nottingham to Birmingham ,but the rail assist is brilliant

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