About us

If you’re reading this the likelihood is that you, like us, know that using public transport can be a daunting prospect – especially for people with accessibility requirements.

Up-to-date and trustworthy information can be hard to find when planning journeys. Too often, when arriving at railway stations, bus depots or taxi ranks we find they may not be at all like how they have been described.

We want to change all that. By offering a platform for the community to voice their opinions and experiences – we are confident that those hoping to get from A to B will be able to come to D-trekkers before making their journey which will then be as efficient, economical and environmentally conscientious as possible.

We have a small team dedicated to working on D-trekkers full time, but the site is really owned by you. You add the content, you leave the comments and soon you'll be able to create the pages. If there’s something you don’t like or disagree with, edit it or flag it for deletion/discussion. If there is something more general about the site you think should be changed, contact us: dtrekkers@gmail.com