Val Richards

I am saddened to report that Val Richards passed away last Saturday (15th June).

Val had been in hospital since April, initially fighting through pneumonia and spending some time in intensive care. She made a slight recovery from this and I spoke to her for the last time in May before she began having further complications due to her MS.

It is a shame Val will not get to see D-trekkers progress to the next phase, but I am glad she saw this initial iteration of the site. She dedicated much of her life to improving transport access for disabled people - and I have always felt humbled and impressed by her achievements as a campaigner and a consultant.

Val was my aunt and a good friend as well as a colleague in D-trekkers. She was unconventional, strong and funny. Endearingly prickly. She'd heckle at weddings. She'd swear, then would turn to me and say 'sorry, Luke' then she'd laugh. I loved that. I felt pretty special that she'd apologise to me, but was glad that she wouldn't worry about apologising until after the fact. Apart from that, She wouldn't behave differently in front of different people. She was Val.

I'm sure people will remember her for different reasons. After all, she had many things which made her memorable. There was so much to Val, and such a lot I'm going to miss.



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