The Paralympics and Our First Month Live!

It is nearly a month since we launched – and it’s been a busy one.

The Paralympics kicked off just as we were going live. And what a fantastic event it was! Val went to watch the swimming finals and came back brimming with enthusiasm.

Her words: ‘It was a really good day, team GB got a bronze. The organization was clear and easy – and access was good at all the stations we used to get there.’

Friends of mine attended the wheelchair volleyball and diving competitions, and echoed those sentiments too – telling of how inspirational and well-executed the whole event was.

As for D-trekkers, thanks to everyone who has used the site and shared us about on Twitter and Facebook – it is really helping us get the word out. Each day we are seeing people come to the site either to plan journeys, add information, or just to find out more about us. It has been exciting to see the user-base grow steadily and to check out freshly-updated pages.

So the good news is the site seems to be working. There are still some creases we need to iron out from our end (eg. threaded comments and occasional pages where the maps aren’t loading, I’m looking at you Worthing!) and we are working to sort these. If you notice anything that isn’t quite right, let us know at:

So let’s keep the momentum going. With each piece of information added to our pages, I am reminded how massive mainland Britain’s rail network is and just how much needs to be shared about accessibility at stations and stops.

This is why D-trekkers is a crowdsourced site, because the crowd is massive too! And we can improve each other’s journeys on our public transport system if we continue sharing and talking about it.


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