D-trekkers are go!

The big day is finally here. D-trekkers is officially live.

After tweaking our idea for an online accessibility-focused public transport guide throughout 2011, our developers have spent the past few months blending wiki functionality, Google Maps, and social tools into what has become the first iteration of our website.

From here, we hope to build an up-to-the-minute, crowdsourced site which is always evolving, where public transport users with disabilities and accessibility issues can come to look for information to help them plan journeys, as well as sharing their first-person knowledge of the UK’s public transport infrastructure as they have experienced it.

We hope that D-trekkers will one day include information about all public transport in the UK, but for now we are focusing on the rail network and the provision of accessible transport to and from these railway stations. Ourselves and our developers have added a little bit of stub content here and there, but if you or your friends and family are planning to get a train anytime soon, we ask that you try the pre-planning part of our site and come back to add to our station pages or leave a comment after your journey – so the next person who comes to the site can be even better-informed.

This is the crux of the site: that the knowledge of the community is searchable and usable by the community. After all, those with disabilities and accessibility issues who use public transport have the best knowledge on the subject.

D-trekkers will always be in beta, changing with the needs of the people who use it. Some things clearly need to be tidied up and other bits are bound to not work perfectly at first, but we were very keen to get this simple version out and being used as soon as possible so we can start to to learn how to take it forward. However, if you notice any gremlins in the works (or have any ideas on what you would like from the website) please email us at:


03/05/2014 02:07
Im please d to see a site where we can comment on rail travel I was told about this site by DDN LIVING OPTIONS DEVONaa
07/05/2014 11:07
Good stuff, Diana. Thanks!
03/05/2014 02:26
The journey I made on the 30bth april was a bit scary,I had to go to Dawlish buy a ticket non staffed after 4pm great train at 5,15pm so hadbto get a taxi to Dawlish warren where the downline is accessible, where there is a large gap between platform and train if in wheelchair the guard has to put ramp down but I had a rollator so I was help Up on to train, then the seating was a bit akward due to lack of space, arrived at Torquay station again a large drop but guard help me off,look for toilets available on down line but none other side when i would be returning later in the made mental note to use loos before going to the station, again the station platform is high And access is a long step walk across a bridge,as no lift only stairs which are very steep,so need to access station at least 15 mins before train arrival,ok till Dawlish and again steep drop to get off train help given by passenger guard didnt help not like the one on outward journey very helpful,disability training needs to be given to all rail employees .
02/09/2017 23:25
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