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Hi there. Thanks for visiting the D-trekkers blog. This latest post is one of many updates to the site which have happened in the last month after a long period of inactivity.

So, why the inactivity? As you may or may not know, our co-founder Val Richards passed away in June last year just shortly before the first iteration of the site was due to be finished. All of a sudden myself and a number of beneficiaries – who were yet to understand what D-trekkers even was – were tasked with working out if or how the site could continue without a director. And not just any director, a person who dealt with access to public transport on a daily basis.

Neither myself, nor the beneficiaries for Val’s estate are wheelchair users. But it didn’t take much discussion to come to the conclusion that a crowdsourced public-transport guide for people with access needs is still something the internet should have – even if we are a long way off becoming the go-to site for disabled travellers planning their journeys. I have been working with Val on the idea – if only in our spare time – since the beginning, and my interest in the power of community-driven tools has not wavered. I still want to see where this site can go. And thankfully, Val’s beneficiaries are keen to support the site for another phase of development.

So, the working blog and this post are not the only updates which have been implemented recently.

Profile pages:

It is now possible to add you own avatar picture to your profile page and write any information about yourself you so wish – be it hobbies, interests, where you live or what access issues you have. We hope users will be keen to add a little bit of info about themselves, because the trust others have in the site hinges on knowing the content is written by real people from the disabled community. Profile pages also include edits and comments you have left on the D-trekkers website. So if you haven’t done so already, sign up and get yourself a profile page.

Star ratings:

Don’t have the time to write about a station but want to add something? We now give users the option to give a star rating on any station page. D-trekkers automatically then displays the average star rating – giving users a quick overview of quality of access etc. at each different location.

Threaded comments:

You can now reply directly to other users in comment threads.

Next phase:

We have several ideas for our second phase of development. If there is anything you think we need to add, change or tweak on D-trekkers, let us know in the comments below or send me an email at:

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28/10/2014 15:54
Traveling from Dawlish on a quick day trip to paignton recently,and I ask on booking my ticket for assistance,across the barrow line.which was available.the train was very busy,when arriving at paignton the platform is very high,and I had to be helped off the train as access goes its very good on to and off the station.

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